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Featured In JP Magazine

We were so proud to hear that a client and long time friend of DREW Fab was asked to be featured in JP Magazine. Please take a look at their article.


Our Beginnings
We were founded in 2009 by Drew Dominique with the philosophy of only producing the highest quality products at a competitive price in an industry leading time frame. Drew has 8+ years experience in the off-road industry having worked with Autofab, Chenowth Racing, Stewart’s Raceworks, Alba Racing, and PRD. While attending San Diego State Drew completed 2 years of machinist apprenticeship, and worked for 4 years as a shop welder in a few of the shops listed above, so that upon graduation Drew was a Degree’d Physicist, a qualified machinist, and a skilled welder. This coupled with now 8+ years of CAD Design and FEA experience allows us to build the highest quality products using the latest technology in the industry and leveraging skills and knowledge unparalleled in manufacturing.
The primary focus of DREW FAB is serving the off-road and racing communities, specifically for racing applications. However we have catered to consumer applications as well as serving other industries entirely. In our portfolio of work we have gained expertise in the world of high end off-road and drag race cars, rock crawling and weekend warrior jeeps, exotic material welding (titanium, Inconel, Stainless, Aluminum), Machining, and restaurant and food grade stainless steel work. Our portfolio of expertise is continually growing as does our time in the industry.
What Our Clients Say

  • 5 star review  Thanks for all your help Drew. Can never go wrong with a company that does things right, the first time. This company is brilliant!

    thumb C.c. Fuentes
  • 5 star review  Drewfab is the place to go if you want quality work for a good price. I continue to take my baby (CJ7 Jeep) there cuz I enjoy saying "damn dude, that looks nice.."

    thumb Kevin Pinciotti
  • 5 star review  Best fabricator you will find! Also the nicest guy.

    thumb Tim DeWees